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What are Brainwaves? Where can I find them?
What are Brainwaves? Where can I find them?
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You'll find our Brainwaves by going to the Sounds section at the bottom > tap on Sounds at the top > and swipe right on the filters at the top to find Brainwaves. You will find our Isochronic tones.

Once in the Brainwave section, you can swipe right to find the Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies:

Brainwaves are effects in the brain that occur at different frequencies and reflect various states of mind. Here is more information about our brainwaves.

  • Regularly spaced tones that create a rhythmic beat.

  • No headphones needed; the brain syncs with the beats.

  • Use: Meditation, focus, sleep.

  • Two slightly different frequencies played in each ear.

  • Requires headphones; the brain perceives a third tone.

  • Use: Relaxation, meditation, sleep.

  • Ancient tones believed to have healing properties.

  • Each frequency affects different aspects of well-being.

  • Use: Stress reduction, healing, growth.

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