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What are isochronic tones?
What are isochronic tones?
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Isochronic tones are subtle sounds that can influence the brain. Each tone has a different frequency that brings a unique benefit to mood and possibly even health.

Isochronic frequencies can be enjoyed solo, or added to your mix. Due to the nature of these sounds, only 1 tone can be listened to at a time. You can find them in Brainwaves section of the app.

We currently offer the following Isochronic sounds on the BetterSleep app:

Dreamless Sleep (Delta 2.5 Hz)

Deep Meditation (Mid Theta 5 Hz)

Relaxation (Mid Alpha 10 Hz)

Dreams (Low Theta 4 Hz)

Pre-Sleep (Low Alpha 8 Hz)

Focus (Beta 20 Hz)

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