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How do I adjust the volume?
How do I adjust the volume?
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Sounds - Music - Brainwaves

To customize your mix volume, begin by selecting the sounds, music and brainwave you desire. Tap on the Current Mix located at the bottom of your screen.

To control the volumes, simply slide the volume indicators left or right next to each sound, music or brainwave.

SleepTales & Meditations

To customize the narrator's voice or adjust the mix volume:

  1. Play your Meditation/SleepTale

  2. Swipe down to access the voice and sound volumes

  3. Slide the volume indicator left or right to adjust the volume to your preference

Sleep Tracker

***Please note that once the sleep tracker has started, you cannot adjust the volumes of a SleepTale, Meditation, or Mix. To customize your volume preferences, you must stop the session, select your content, adjust the volumes, and then start a new session.

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