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How do I delete a Mix?
How do I delete a Mix?
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Deleting a Mix is a simple process but may slightly differ from iOS to Android or if the user interface has been updated since this article, but it's the same principal.
1. Find the Mix you'd like to delete (whether in the Sounds > Mixes Tab or in the Library/Favorites/Bookmarks)

2. Click on the 3 dots ... of the Mix in question

3. Click on Remove bookmark or Delete Mix

And it's done!
*** Kindly note that 'unsaved or draft mixes' that are in the recently played section cannot be deleted as they are not officially officially saved as your mixes. Simply disregard them.

As mentioned above, steps to delete a mix on Android may look slightly different but it's the same principle as above:

Message us in-app if you'd like further help on how to navigate our app. We're here to help! ๐ŸŒฟ

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