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How do I find my favorites/playlists?
How do I find my favorites/playlists?
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We recognize the importance of easily finding your favorite content when it's time to relax and wind down for the night.

While there may be some differences between the old and new versions of our app for iOS and Android, the process for accessing your favorites (also known as bookmarks) and playlists remains fundamentally the same:


  • Click on the 'My Library' bottom right tab

If you're still having difficulty locating your favorites or your playlists, send us an in-app message and we will gladly guide you. We're here to help 🌿


Keep in mind again that it may look a little bit different on Android and on different app versions (and vice versa):
1. You can either click on the Heart icon β™‘ that is on the top right of the Homepage

2. Or click on the 'Favorites' icon on the Homepage

Both will take you to your Favorites. Simply scroll to the right to find your Playlists.

Kindly note that the current visuals are from when the article was created. Things may slightly change since but the principle will still be the same.
For any questions, send us an in-app message. We're here to help 🌿

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