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How do I set a bedtime reminder?
How do I set a bedtime reminder?
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Setting up a bedtime reminder and maintaining a healthy sleep routine are essential for ensuring you get consistent, restful sleep. This practice helps regulate your body's internal clock, improves overall sleep quality, and enhances daytime energy levels and mental clarity.

BetterSleep offers a bedtime reminder notification (notifications needs to be allowed/enabled for our app for it to work).

To enable the bedtime reminder:

1. Go to the 'Profile' section

2. Click on Bedtime to set it

3. Choose the time you want for the reminder to pop up as well as on which days

And that's it, you're all set!

***Some users may have the option to set it directly from the Homepage***

To turn it OFF, simply disable it in the same place.

Message us in-app if you need assistance. We're here to help! 🌿

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