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I received a collaboration email. Is it really from BetterSleep?
I received a collaboration email. Is it really from BetterSleep?

To avoid scammers pretending to BetterSleep

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We've recently been alerted to scammers posing as BetterSleep and attempting to engage individuals in fraudulent & fake collaboration opportunities.

Please note that any emails pretending to be from BetterSleep but originating from addresses such as "[email protected]" or any other similar domains are not in any way affiliated with us, even if they use our name and logo to deceive recipients.

Official communications from BetterSleep will always come from addresses ending in "" or "". If you receive any suspicious emails allegedly from BetterSleep but originating from alternative domains like "", please forward them to us at [email protected] so that we action them accordingly. Treat them however as you would any phishing attempt: report/block them and refrain from responding or opening any attachments.

For inquiries related to collaboration, partnerships and/or sales with the BetterSleep team, please contact [email protected]. Someone will be in touch with you directly if they feel it's a suitable match.
We hope this helps you stay safe and vigilant online. Thank you for your understanding & your collaboration, and have a wonderful day! ๐ŸŒฟ

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