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Android: Sounds stopping/Tracker interrupted
Android: Sounds stopping/Tracker interrupted
app shutting down/sounds stopping due to battery optimization settings
Written by Anthony Plourde
Updated over a week ago

If the sounds stop unexpectedly while listening to content, this article is for you. Some Android devices might prioritize terminating apps that are running in the background or for a long time, in order to make the battery last longer.

This may result in our app being terminated while relaxing to a mix, or guided content and may also prevent sleep-tracking capabilities. Depending on your device you can try the following the prevent this unwanted behavior:


Follow the instructions listed here

NOTE: If sounds stop but the app stays open, please try changing the loop correction mode in our app settings. Tap on Profile -- Settings -- tap on Loop correction mode and try each mode (including the OFF mode). It could fix audio issues when sounds stop or skip when the app is open.

One Plus

Follow the instructions listed here


Follow the instructions listed here

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