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How does BetterSleep help with tinnitus?
How does BetterSleep help with tinnitus?
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BetterSleep (formerly Relax Melodies) was originally developed to help with insomnia brought on by tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a ringing or noise experienced intermittently in one or both ears. It is a common problem that affects up to 15% to 20% of people, and is more prevalent in older adults. Tinnitus can be disruptive and negatively impact sleep.

Here’s how BetterSleep can help:

Meditation - Practicing meditation brings attention to the present moment and can help you cope with intrusive sounds brought on by tinnitus. Meditation for tinnitus may also encourage acceptance, making it more tolerable and helping you fall asleep easier. You can easily find meditations for tinnitus in the Meditations section, by selecting the Tinnitus filter.

Here are some of our meditations that can help with tinnitus :

  • 5 Nights of Tinnitus Relief program

  • Soothing Tinnitus

  • Visualization for Tinnitus

  • Acceptance Practice

Sounds - External sounds like the ones available in BetterSleep can help mask tinnitus noises that are keeping you awake. This distraction can reduce the negative effects of tinnitus, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Some sounds that are helpful for tinnitus are water/rain sounds or color noise sounds, such as white noise. Find all our color noise sounds in the Sounds section of our app, under White Noise:

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