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Is the app suitable for kids and babies?
Is the app suitable for kids and babies?
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All of our free & premium content has been approved for all ages, including kids and babies. We’ve also developed sounds, music, meditations, and stories specifically for younger listeners.

Find them easily through the For kids filter in the app.


Kids -- Calming OM Chant

Kids -- Yoga Nidra

Kids -- Afraid of the Dark No More

Kids -- Bedtime Gratitude

Kids -- Sweet Dreams

Kids -- Muscle Relaxation

Kids -- Magical Place

Kids -- Your First Bedtime Meditation


Udo Visits Mount Halla

Udo's Long Walk

Gizmo Visits the Farm

Gizmo The House Cat

The Mindful Pirate

Joey and the Candy World

A Night in Old Oak Forest

The Flight Of Pegagus

A Unicorn’s Tale

The Pocket Dragon

The Time Traveler


The Underwater City

and more

Sounds & Music

Check out the Baby, Animal, and White Noise tabs in the Sounds section of the app for fun, soothing sounds.

Still have questions? Send us a message. We're here to help! 😊

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