BetterSleep helps you sleep better. Keep your stress in check with rich sounds and music, stories, meditations, gentle exercises, and more -- all perfectly tuned to your needs.

  • Sounds and music

Create your very own soundscape from a selection of over 200 sounds and music crafted by our in-house sound gurus. Too tired to choose? Just select one of the many mixes created for you and drift off to sleep. You'll find those on the Home page, under Mixes.

Here are some of our sounds and music:

Nature sounds

ASMR sounds

White noise

Water sounds

Meditation music

Isochronic brainwaves

Solfeggio frequencies

Binaural beats

Healing music

3D sounds

  • Guided meditations

Let our guided meditation practices quiet your mind and lead you gently and confidently to sleep. With a vast selection of lengths, our meditations are easy to fit into your busy day, with options for beginners and experts alike.

Meditations include:

Restful sleep

Stress and anxiety relief

Tinnitus relief

Yoga Nidra


Better sleep

Deep sleep




Heart coherence

Couples exercises




  • Bedtime stories

Our bedtime stories voiced by award-winning narrators are designed to hold your attention just enough to quiet the noise and to help you fall asleep naturally.

Here are some of the genres in the app:








Myths and legends


  • SleepMoves

Our gentle bedtime stretches were developed by top sleep experts to prepare your mind and body for the sleep they need. Select the program's length and follow the guided voice until you're fast asleep.

Also featuring the features such as:

Bedtime goal: Set one every night to get more restful sleep

Timers: Stop sounds in the app after a set amount of time

Favorites: A section to add your favorite sounds, mixes, stories, and meditations.

Playlist: Create your own experience by creating your sleep-inducing playlist with stories, meditations, and mixes.

Smart Mix: Make distracting audio loops disappear and enjoy seamless sound mixes

Sleep tracker & recorder: Get more insight into your sleep and try our recommended tips and content to sleep better.

Still have questions? Send us a message. We're here to help 😊

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