How much does BetterSleep cost?

Free | Monthly | Yearly | Lifetime subscriptions

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Our app is free to download and we offer a big part of our content and features for free.
However, if you'd like to unlock and fully enjoy all our app's content and features, we currently offer 3 pricing tiers for the app:

1. Monthly: $9.99/month until you cancel. Learn more here.

2. Yearly (our most popular option): You can view and purchase our latest offers directly from your phone: iOS , Android as well as Web.​

3. Lifetime: $249.99 paid once. Learn more here.
We may also occasionally offer other promotional pricing options for a period of time (like quarterly or holidays offers...).

The prices above are listed in USD and may differ from our in-app offers. Also kindly note that any BetterSleep subscription bought from our website can be used on any iOS-Android mobile device and vice versa.

For any other pricing related questions or if you'd like to inquire about our current offers, send us a message 🌿. We're here to help! 😊

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