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How do I use Relax Melodies Seasons?
How do I use Relax Melodies Seasons?

Learn how to get the most out of the app!

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First Time Launch

When you first open the app, you are greeted by our express tutorial.

The welcome screen looks something like this:

The express tutorial quickly explains to our users that swiping left will bring them to the Binaural Beats Screen. Swiping right will bring them to other sound selections and that the Main menu is located at the base of the Home screen.

Home Screen

The home screen of Relax Melodies Seasons looks something like this:

Sound Panel

The sound panel is the area where all the sounds are being displayed. Swiping left or right will take you to the next available sounds including Binaural Bears.

Play Bar

The Play Bar contains the following buttons:

  • Play Button: Pressing this button will play or pause a selection of sounds. (the button turns into a pause button during the reproduction of the sounds)

  • Master Volume Bar: The master volume bar controls the volume of all currently playing sounds.

  • AirPlay Button: This button allows the user to chose in which Airplay compatible device they wish to reproduce the sounds.

  • Clear Button (x): The clear button clears out all of the currently selected sounds so that the users can make new selections.

  • Clock Icon: The clock icon, will activate the clock display fill screen in the device.

Home Button

The home button allows the users to quickly go back to the home screen from any place in the app.

Alarm & Timer

The Alarm and Timer button takes the user to the Alarm and Timer configuration screen where the user can add, edit or delete at Timer or alarm.

Favorite Button

The favorites button takes the user to the Favourite section of the app where the user can add, edit or delete a mix of sounds saved as a favorite.

More Button

The more button takes the user to the more section of the app where the user can access the settings of the app, the support and feedback sections, News, Blog, and company website.

Ads (free version only)

This section along with the Upgrade Button located on the top right-hand side of the screen are only displayed on the free version of the app.

Once you have purchased the premium version upgrade, the adds at the bottom of the app and the upgrade button are completely removed.

Still have questions? Send us a message. We're here to help 😊

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