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Relax Meditation on Android: What's in the app?
Relax Meditation on Android: What's in the app?
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Relax Meditation is the latest update of Relax Melodies on Android and was previously named Relax Melodies P.

Relax Meditation offers topic-specific guided meditation programs designed to help you find happiness in your everyday life.
Use the app to gain deeper insights about yourself and to find better ways to cope with unpleasant experiences and reach balance and inner-peace.


Here's where you can find all the guided meditation programs and single sessions our app offers to help you achieve happiness, and help you deal with what life throws at you. We've grouped the programs under 7 topics for a better experience. Programs follow a specific order to get the best experience possible, this means you'll need to complete day 1 to unlock day 2, and so on.

You can listen to Singles whenever you want, as they are separate from programs.


Create your mix with our library of sounds, and find your perfect soothing soundscape to accompany your meditation sessions! Browse sounds by category (Animal, Baby, Brainwave, Music, Nature, Town, Water, White Noise) thanks to the filter ribbon on top and create your perfect ambiance! Play up to 10 sounds plus a meditation and easily save your soundscape through the Save mix button.

Control Bar

You can Play/Pause your sounds, see your current selection and even Save it as a mix at a thumb's reach thanks to this easy-to-use control bar! The Mixer will show you which sounds you're currently playing and the Clear button will reset your current selection, so you can create a fresh new mix. Finally, Timer allows you to stop sounds after a given time.


You'll find all the favorite mixes of our community in this page! They are sorted by the most recent and most popular mixes. You can play them from there, and you can save your favorites in your personal mixes.


In this section, you can set your Meditation reminder, manage your mixes and app settings. Tap the bed icon on top of the Profile menu to access your Meditation reminder settings. Use this reminder to help you maintain a consistent schedule for your meditation time. You can decide at which hour you would like to be reminded and on which days of the week as well!
Your saved mixes will appear in the profile page. Tap the mix icon to start playing it and tap again to stop. You can edit your mixes by tapping the '...' icon underneath. In this menu, you can rename and delete your mix or even share it with a friend!

You can fine-tune your Relax Meditation experience in the settings of the app. Adjust the loop correction mode for smoother playback, set the timer to close the app when it ends or use a support code. You can even contact our team from there if you wish to ask us questions, need our guidance or assistance. Our team will be happy to help you!

Still have questions? Send us a message. We're here to help! 😊

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