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What is the BetterSleep account?
What is the BetterSleep account?
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You can now log in to your BetterSleep account from any device to access your premium content, saved mixes, and Favorites.

Your BetterSleep account is different from your Apple ID or your Google Play Store account and must be created directly through the BetterSleep app or

To create a BetterSleep account in our mobile app:

  • Download & launch the BetterSleep app on your mobile device

  • Tap on Profile

  • Tap on Register

You can create an account with an email and password, or through Google, Facebook, or Apple. All your saved mixes, favorites, and past purchases should be restored when you log in to your BetterSleep account. You'll find them in the Favorites on the Home page.

Here's how you can create a BetterSleep account on our web app:

  • Tap on Register (top right corner) to create your BetterSleep account with an email and password, Google, Facebook, or Apple.

Once your account is created, you’ll have the option to tap on the Continue button to purchase a subscription. You may also tap on the X button, at the top right corner, to continue using the free version of our web app.

Still have questions? Send us a message. We're here to help 😊

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