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How can I join a Beta testing program?
How can I join a Beta testing program?
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On Google Play, we use Beta programs to improve our app and to help identify potential issues or bugs before releasing new app versions. This way, we can make sure you get the best out of BetterSleep!

It's very easy to join a Beta program. All you need is a Gmail or G Suite account. On your device, tap the opt-in link of the app you wish to test:

Once you’re on the page:

  • Tap on Become a Tester

  • Tap on the Download app on Google Play link

  • Tap on Update, on the app page.

The Beta version should start downloading. If you don’t see an Update button on the app page, wait a few minutes and try again. It can take some time before you are granted access. You can also clear the Google Play Store app data and cache and try again if you can't update the app to the Beta version.

If you'd like to join our Beta program on an iOS device, you can opt-in via this link:

Beta versions are not final, meaning they may have stability issues, or some features may seem incomplete. If you're experiencing an issue on a beta version, or if you'd like to share your thoughts, contact us at!

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