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How to reset my password?
How to reset my password?
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If you created your BetterSleep profile with an email and a password, you can easily reset your password in our app.

**If you created the profile with Apple, Google, or Facebook, you will have to reset your password on the proper website. You cannot change your password from within our app.**

To reset your password in our app:

  • Open the BetterSleep app

  • Tap on Profile

  • Tap on Log in (if you have not already)

  • Tap on Settings (top right corner in the Profile section)

  • Tap on Edit next to your password

  • Enter the email linked to your BetterSleep profile

  • Then, follow the instructions in the email you'll receive. Make sure to check your Junk inbox as it can sometimes go there.

You can also reset your password directly from our website on a computer.

If you do not receive the email and you have an email address that is not hotmail/gmail/outlook based, please send us a message. We'll be able to reset your password manually.

Still have questions? Send us a message. We're here to help! 😊

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